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Equestrian perfomances in Brittany

During your visit to the Haras you will discover a unique environment and encounter equestrian artists presenting original performances and activities. A diverse and rich programme for the whole family to enjoy!


 5TH  - 26TH APRIL avril

During the spring holidays make the most of the warm weather and enjoy a unique family outing at the Haras d’Hennebont! Visit the grounds with our tour guides, watch the current show "L'autre cheval"* and meet the artists in residence. On Sundays, enjoy an ‘offbeat and amusing’ visit with the character Clémence de Clamard. 

* The other horse




affiche spectacle printemps haras hennebont annulé


27th april - 3RD JULY

The Haras d’Hennebont offers original and exciting experiences! Discover our equestrian cabaret evenings that combine dinner, equestrian acts, live music and dancing. You can also take one of our guided tours to learn all about the Haras National d’Hennebont!



cabaret équestre sous chapiteau au haras d'hennebont

SUMMER Cavalcades ¹

 6TH julY -  28TH aUGUST

Share the passion of horses with artists and guides… Step into the big top for a new equestrian show, one of the highlights of your guided tour!

On Sundays, enjoy an ‘offbeat and amusing’ visit with the character Clémence de Clamard or with our own tour guides.




cavalcades estivales 2020 hennebont

summer cavalcades ²

 27th june - 16th august 

Take part in our aerobatic events, have your breakfast at the Haras with the resident artists and spend your evenings at the Haras like you would a night at the cinema!




artiste et cheval sur piste sous chapiteau


 20TH septembre

The Haras d’Hennebont opens its doors for the European Heritage Day. The theme of the day is cinema, with shows, demonstrations, pony rides and children’s entertainment on the programme.

chevaux entrant au haras hennebont

christmas at the haras


Every year the big top at the National Haras d’Hennebont is filled with the magic of Christmas. This year the Jehol company presents a poetic and comical fantasy show immersing young and old alike in a world where everything is carefree…



troupe artistes en piste sous chapiteau